Mary's Living & Giving

Mary's Living & Giving shops are charity shops with a difference. Filled with designer donations these charity boutiques are a fantastic place to both shop and volunteer.

In 2009 Mary Portas and her team at Portas Agency set up the unique Mary's Living & Giving Shops with Save The Children.

Living. Belonging makes us happy. We naturally want to commune. Being connected to others, and knowing our mutual interests are more important than our personal goals, fulfils our lives.
Giving. We are all the richer for giving and there is no deeper or more lasting pleasure. Because kindness really is its own reward.

Since then, they've continued to blossom into beautiful, boutique charity shops. Every item donated and sold funds the vital work we do here at Save the Children.

"I wanted to create a place for people to collaborate, share, and commune with energy, kindness and love. I wanted to create a space for fellow feeling and mindfulness to thrive. I wanted us to think about how we live and how we give back." Mary Portas

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