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86 Reviews on DFS

  1. Hannahsmummy on January 9, 2012

    Bury St Edmunds, signed up for clearnce suite ‘interest free’ on 31/12/11. Told that ‘finance’ was fine, awaiting code to release the suite for delivery. Phone call yesterday 9/01 = bad news – suite had been sold twice and we had been the unlucky ones with no delivery! BUT absolute luck as DFS had tracked down a band new one, not elec recline but still fine. Call from DFS today to say new not available but can have their showroom model at end of march 2012. I DONT THINK SO! ORDER CANCELED!!

  2. marco on January 6, 2012

    went to dfs blackburn salesman was quickly on us and i have a strong character but found it too overpowering so left even thoug liked a corner suite, went to furnimax furniture store accrington and found what im sure is the same settee suite for less than half plus the guys were so chilled out and friendly

  3. ladyk on January 4, 2012

    dfs have offered to replace cushion interiors, so is that not an admission of guilty of mis-selling. not happy to accept as feel cannot trust dfs any longer, abysmal customer service, no communication between staff, false promises of call backs, totally dishonest and i am determined i will not accept this item, i dont want dfs to have any of my money, would rather give it to a firm who cares about their customers, still waitin response to my request TO HAVE SOFA UPLIFTED.

  4. I bought 2 sofas, a 3 seater and a 2 seater, had it 2 weeks and noticed it was starting to sag, i tried to ignore it, but it got worse and started doing it on both sofas, i rang dfs and explained the problem and i said a would like some1 to come out and have a look, they said to me they normally wouldnt do that but this time they will on a good will gesture, how appauling is that!, so the guy comes out, packs some weird foam stuff under one side of my sofa, and its still going flat, unbelievable

  5. told by the salesman that the seat cushions would remain firm as i was very specific about this,, he assured me it would not go saggy and lumpy and said interiors were made of foam, after complaining upholsterer came out and said no fault, interiors were made of foam and quilt topping and were meant to go lumpy. manager states MAY be able to have interiors replaced,still waiting his call back but i want sofa uplifted its horrible, shabby old looking, and MIS-REPRESENTED , seeking legal advice

  6. Vivien on December 12, 2011

    I bought a Lansdowne Suite which was delivered in May. Was NOT told that you had to KARATE CHOP every cushion each time it was used. We are OAP’s and would definitely not have bought this suite had we known. By the time we have finished ‘Plumping’ the cushions we need another rest! Have since been told there are now 2 other fillings we can upgrade to, at extra cost of course. This is because of the amount of complaints. I think they should replace the filling free of charge. Not fit for purpose!

  7. Purchased sofa July which arrived Oct, had someone out twice to look at excess leather, creasing and loss of padding in cushions. We have been in store twice to complain and in the end we have been told our expectations of our new soaf were too high and the sofa is performing in the way that they expect it to.

  8. Rob Partridge on November 22, 2011

    Over the last 18 months i have had three replacement sofas from the giant chain the latest suite is only 6 months old already the shape has gone and the seam has split!!!! they tell me this is quite common and will send someone in the stitch it back up. I refuse this and have asked for my money back and for them to collect sofas they will not cooperate can anyone advise me.

  9. Maidstone branch. No pressure, polite helpful staff both in the shop and on the telephone. Queries answered efficiently. Suite delivered on time and was checked by delivery drivers who took away the wrapping.

  10. Pattie on November 15, 2011

    I bought a Brown leater sofa 2yrs ago and the colour has rubbed off, also one of the seats is in a state of collapse….I am a pensioner and live on my own…and I sit in an armchair, so “DAMAGE” is caused only by occasional visitors…DFS have been anything but helpful when I have complained…Blameing wear & tear!!!! When???? How???? HELP!!!

  11. sheila dearden on November 10, 2011

    appauling quality sofa , paid £1700 cushions already flat , called them out twice to be told it just needs plumping everyday, if i was told at the time of sale i would not have bought it, he then says its wrote on your invoice, got my invoice nothing wrote about plumping cushions only to wipe down weekly with damp cloth, bought leather care warrenty and i am now told it only covers stains , but is rubbish as there is a seperate stain cover AVOID totall misleading company

  12. Leather Sofa hunter on October 27, 2011

    Looking for a new Leather sofa.Colne store Lancashire.26th Oct 2011.Just a review on the sales staff as we chose a sofa from elsewhere.
    Greeted when we went in the store,and did not feel harrassed or pressured, and we were in the store for some time.
    Good selection of sofas but not the ONE I was after.

  13. tasjvd on October 23, 2011

    Bought a sofa in 2009 – when we moved in to our home. It is now October 2011 and the sofa is falling apart the seams have burst under the seating area – it was a corner suit that seated at least 8 people. We have kept really good care – Really bad quality and service as DFS have refused to do anything as guarantee is over. How poor that a £2200 suite is made to last only a couple of years – utterly disgusted!!!!

  14. Lesliej on October 23, 2011

    I have purchased the leather suit called Symbol. and Waited 12 weeks for delivary. Very upset, after sitting on the showroom sofa, that was superb and very soft to sit on. When we sit on our one, it feels completly differant. I am shaw that its not the same as the showroom one. As I have gone 42 Miles to the neareast branch, that still stocks this model, as the store from which I purchased mine, said they change models, and cant keep all the ranges, as there is not anymore room.

  15. Almipal on October 19, 2011

    misleading sales pitch

    Response from DFS
    We are sorry to hear that you feel mis-lead and we take
    this very seriously. Please feel free to call us at Head Office on
    01302 330365 and we wil happily discuss with you.

  16. Fed up on October 18, 2011

    Darley Dale. Very poor customer services & why are all the shop assistants male? Disinterested and unhelpful. Sofa appalling quality. Cushions flat, lumpy and uncomfortable after only a few weeks. Weren’t shown how to “plump” it in the shop -and if we had, we wouldn’t have purchased. Upholsterer been out twice – useless. Avoid, avoid, avoid. DFS, you should be ashamed.

    Response from DFS
    We are sorry that you are unhappy and would like to look
    into this to see if we can help any further as such please call us at
    Head Office on 01302 330365 and we will see what we can do to help.

  17. Patricia White on October 17, 2011

    Two month old Saskia sofas from DFS. The most uncomforable sofas ever owned, lumpy cushions, shabby leather, ejector cushions. Just had the engineer out for five minutes, sat on each sofa for about 30 secs. I showed him the shabby leather to be told leather goes like that, also foam losing firmness is normal, and the shape of the cushions is the reason they come off. Nothing wrong, I am disabled and really need my sofa, my husband watches TV in bedroom. DFS you have ruined my christmas too.

  18. bought ”Elin” sofa from the beckton branch in east london 2months ago and the sofa’s seat are now sagging,called the shop twice to complain about it but told to plump every morning.
    So called specialist sent out to check the sofas but told by them that i need to plump evey morning,now taking legal action for misleading advice by their salesman

  19. Dancing Carol on September 16, 2011

    Bought from Cambridge 2 months ago. Was told that we would have to plump up the seats regularly, no pressure to buy stain proofing. We were told it would take 8 weeks for delivery and 6 weeks later we were advised it would be delivered the next week. Sofas look great. Good servcie throughout.

  20. Leather suite bought, totally different to what we had been shown in showroom,and mislead into a contract with them. Now after several letters and a visit from them, they are denying any misrepresentation of goods sold, and totally ignoring any consumer laws they have broken. Now its legal action against them for their dishonesty and lies, let them face the law and courts. Dont give in to these people stand your ground, and go through the courts if you dont get what you deserve.

  21. laureand on September 11, 2011

    Shrewsbury sales person was fantastic in one store wasn’t pushy at all but in another branch it was a different story delivery was fantastic and assemeled efficently and the packaging was taken away

  22. Miss Lad on August 31, 2011

    got two leather sofa’s 2009 & were clearly advised by salesman not to wipe them with anything. (However in writing on receipt said wipe clean with damp cloth) Having recently returned home to my parents i found the sofa’s have colour coming off. used leather care kit & found arms and cushions have colour coming off whilst less visible parts are remaining in perfect condition when cleaning. certainly a manufacturers error. not happy, contacting trading standards today as dfs are refusing to help

  23. janet price on August 31, 2011

    Pontprennau Cardiff
    Brilliant aftersale service 6 years aftr purchase repair done free !!!!!!! Thankyou well donr DFS

  24. nishat qurashi on August 15, 2011

    The Sofas a completely a disgusting, we recently bought a sofa about 6 months ago and we have been having problems with the sofa base. The base of the sofa is literally flatten and my mother has really bed back pain and has got 2 slip discs and she cannot sit on it at all so we called up customer service again and again and they where treating us like stupid people in how to plump the sofa my mother does this all the time we have at least 5-6 techs saying there is nothing wrong PLEASE HELP DFS

  25. Still paying for a sofa which you could put in the bin,had someone out to fix same problem 4 times and once for another my footstool cushion is hanging off! not happy never have been waste of money

  26. Lloyd Newman on July 31, 2011

    Ordered DFS Dexy 2&3 seater electric recliners – 8 weeks delivery,delayed until 1st August due to fabric problems then Wednesday 27th July – received a call saying delivery Friday 29th July! Sofa’s arrived,including two extra cushions we ordered.Called store to report problem,cushion pattern colour differs on two cushions.Problem is,from memory,we believe the darker colour on two cushions is correct,pattern on sofa’s looks lighter/faded and incorrect,unhappy!Sofa’s now not listed on DFS website?

  27. Tiddymax on July 12, 2011

    Bought a ‘top quality’ leather sofa from DFS (Harewood). Nothing like one in showroom. It’s also damaged in several places. Sent guy out to repair 2 scuffs but have since found several tiny ones and scratches. There’s plastic poking out the back seams and whole thing looks cheap. Paid £1349. Repair guy said it was a ‘coated’ leather which I specifically said I didn’t want. DFS say its ‘analine’. Repair guy strangely has now said he was wrong! These people are conmen and need dealt with.

  28. Kirsty Wright on July 11, 2011

    WWe purchased two sofas from DFS who advised us to purchase stain protection as I was heavily pregnant at the time of purchase & we were wary of the very light colour of the fabric sofas. We were also advised to plump the cushions daily which we have been doing but our sofas, after 3 months, are flat & uncomfortable. I am breast feeding my baby & find sitting on it all but impossible. Additionally when we rang after 3 months to request the removal of two stains we were sent a DIY kit in the post

  29. Donna on July 11, 2011

    Having had my £2000 leather sofa for just 8 months I have had to call a sofa ‘specialist’ out twice (we had 2wait for it to settle) 2 seats have dipped (almost non existant foam) which has resulted in uncomfortable sitting. This has resulted in my back killing me everytime I sit on the sofa, I’ve started to prefer the floor. I wish I’d seen these reviews before I purchased. I’d love to return the sofa/swap for a differnent sofa altogether!OR even just give it away – it is that bad!

  30. rhardwick on June 28, 2011

    Hi, we bought a sofa and armchair from the store. It has arrived within 6 weeks. However the armchair is too large for our room and we would like to exchange it for the footstool. I accept this is entirely our responsibility but hoped as a reputable retailer DFS would attempt to accommodate a customer request. The returns policy refers to a “custom” made statement which does not actually apply in this case as although the goods are made to order, they are not by definition “customised”

  31. Amanda Allen on June 26, 2011

    Measham Store, Derbyshire: Bought sofa yesterday on spec. Nothing was too much trouble for salesman, Jamie Ford. However when we got home we measured, it would not get through the door, never mind into the room. Read all of the horror story reviews about DFS and had a very sleepless night. Phoned them this morning and explained the situation and asked to swop three seat for a large two seater instead. Just come back from re-jigging the paperwork with Jamie , transaction amended and very painless

  32. i had my DFS Lomax suite delivered on 3/2/11 and to date have had 3 technicians and a manager out . It has flat cushions, lining has come away, spring hits the frame and has dipped. An attempt to repair was made but the fabic was different and so the manager came to look. Her suggestion was not to buy online, as this suite was made for ‘slighter people’ than myself and we hadnt plumped the cushions enough. suite is being taken away for three days and she suggests we pay £140 for foam cushions.

  33. Not Happy! on June 7, 2011

    Recliner suite cost over £2500, leather looks years old. 1 chair buckled. Middle back rest on sofa loose. Single part of sofa not connecting right. Leather wrinkled, saggy & stretched on seat pads. Complained, was asked why didn’t inspect & notice faults before delivery? Duh how? Told was ex display so must have seen the faults! ERRR NOO! PAID FOR BRAND NEW! Upholster made buckled chair worse. Staff member says can put right in 1 hour! Can he get a new suite that fast? BTW not a week old yet!!

    Response from DFS
    Hello – We are sorry to learn that you are unahppy with your furniture. Please email us on (and refer to Mary’s website in the email) . We will then look into this for you straight away to see if we can help bring this to a good conclusion for you.
    Thank you


  34. shoppingelsewherenexttime on May 22, 2011

    Bought a leather sofa costing £2000 it is atrocious! Dipping seats, bad stitching, is thrown together with cheap softwood and looks saggy all over. The service rep says “whack it in shape!” WTH!!! A decent sofa would not need this ‘maintenance’. DFS you should be ashamed of this rubbish you sell. Your service reps are nothing more than damage limitation!

  35. Saima on May 18, 2011

    Purchased 2 sofa’s from DFS costing almost 3k, and within a few months of having them they look extremely old, and flat. Been advised that we have to plump them up each time we use them.
    After numerous calls to DFS, they refuse to exchange or refund the product, claiming that we fail to maintain the product.

  36. georgie on May 9, 2011

    i have had a dfs corner suite and recliner chair since december, all the cushions have gone flat, the arms look like they have no filling, man came out today got told that its supposed to do that as its made from the same fibers as a pillow, and that i need to WHACK them to get them back, i asked are you going to re fill them, to which he said no as it wont make any difference, he said he would put a needle in, i asked why what are you going to do and he said let me show you, wont do anything!!!

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DFS, 1.6 out of 5 based on 376 ratings
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DFS, 1.6 out of 5 based on 376 ratings