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180 Reviews on Ocado

  1. je_epers on January 6, 2012

    Excellent iPad app. Prompt delivery. Lovely friendly driver. One burst item but has been refunded and very straightforward to do via app. Goods of very good quality. So far so good!

  2. pjholl on January 6, 2012

    Ocado has problems.
    Namely they have too many customers. I know this sounds strange but remember they are a delivery company, so are limited by the number of vans, and the size of the distribution centre. Although vast, it’s not big enough to cope with the depatch of the entire countries goods, at least until the new CFC is built in 2013. Deliveries will continue to be late, and goods will continue to be damaged due to the pressure on the staff to fulfil orders. Only time will tell.

  3. Ocado’s online service has deteriorated significantly. Poor selection, high prices and stock of popular festive lines unavailable. Christmas deliveries with a minimum order value of £90, plus £8.99 delivery charge! Delivery arrives minus Mince Pies and a few other festive goodies. First time I’ve used Ocado for my Christmas groceries – never again! Thank God for M&S who had everything in store that Ocado failed to deliver. Christmas 2012 I’ll be shopping with M&S.

  4. UKcustomerservicesucks on January 5, 2012

    I’ve been an Ocado Pass holder for the past 12 months. Just told my pass price was going up from £39.99 per year to £110.00 and in return I would get priority access to a Xmas delivery slot (for the bargain price of £70!) No thanks – that along with increasingly poor service (damaged items, short use by dates and incorrect deliveries) makes Ocado a thumbs down. I’ll be taking my custom elsewhere. The only reason this even gets a 3 rating is because I like the food. Vote with your feet people.

  5. Megan on January 4, 2012

    If you live on the Wirral (North West England) Ocado is great. Great drivers, on time, hardly any substitutions, all in all an excellent service.

  6. Got a free evening delivery and £20 off if I spent just £40, what an offer. They sent a text to apologise they were running late but that everything I had ordered would be delivered.When I used the online tracking service it gave me the time down to a 30 minute window and the driver had made up time and my order would arrive within the chosen hour slot. Very polite driver, everything ordered was there as promised and it arrived on time. Very pleased with their service.

  7. Mrs Hall on December 21, 2011

    I’ve used Ocado fairly regularly over the past 6 months and compared to other retailers’ home delivery services, I highly rate them. The one hour delivery slots are a real benefit and I’ve never had a late delivery. I’ve also rarely had any substitutions which is my main issue with other retailers. The drivers are very friendly and polite. The mobile app is quite easy to use and you are able to amend your order up to the day before. Only thing they could improve is high delivery prices.

  8. Evening deliveries with Ocado are not as reliable as claimed. Most notably, I had a non-delivery of an evening order mid November 2011. The only contact I received was a voicemail from the delivery driver to say deliveries were running 2-3 hours late. When I contacted Ocado, I was 15 in line – twice. NO ONE CONTACTED ME at all. I phoned 2 days later to check I had not been charged. I was not offered an explanation- just that it was cancelled. Poor poor poor.

  9. Grumpy Gladys on December 20, 2011

    I have used Ocado for the past few years. There have been very few problems with delivery times and the drivers are always helpful, courteous and friendly. Careless packing does sometimes result in squashed or leaking items. Light bulbs under heavier goods?That could be improved. There was a problem with Gails’s bread earlier in the year, but very rarely substituted recently. The one hour delivery slots are a great boon, especially when ordering food for elderly parents with carers.

  10. Michelle on December 19, 2011

    I always use ocado to get my regular shopping delivered, so thought I’d book a Christmas delivery for the heavy items, like drinks and other Christmas goodies like nuts, mince pies etc. I only intended to spend £70 as I’m getting all the fruit and veg from local farm shop. But ocado have raised their minimum order to £90 – it was only £40 last week. Bit of a con that because its Christmas they think they can raise their minimum order. Sorry ocado will not use you again and will shop elsewhere.

  11. NewCustomer on December 17, 2011

    I managed to get a 2.99 delivery slot, excellent web site and delivered on time with no substitions.
    Well done Ocado.

  12. Why ocado? because they offer great service, friendly and helpful, food quality is amazing, They call me when they are early they call me to keep me updated, compared to other retailers, ocado a way forward, they can even adjust my my receipt on the spot if something went wrong!

  13. Sue London on December 14, 2011

    Inhale been using Ocado for long time and was originally very impressed but the service is getting worse and worse. Deliveries now almost always late, items often substituted or missing. So disappointing and will soon have to find an alternative way of getting my waitrose!

  14. I have used Ocado for over a year now, I have a reserved slot each week – the delivery is ALWAYS on time (just once there was a warehouse problem but I was phoned & asked if a later delivery would be OK). There are very few substitutions & if they are they are sensible ones. The drivers are always polite & helpful, the packers are sometimes careless – yogurts underneath potatoes, but I have always been refunded for damaged goods. Generally I have been very pleased.

    Response from Ocado

    All very good to hear.

    Keep in touch with feedback but, rest assured, we’ll be working hard
    to delivery even more value, range and service in 2012.


  15. DerekA on December 1, 2011

    Christmas Deliveries:
    Ocado are charging their customers £8.99 delivery [even their Ocado Pass holders], plus the minimum order value is £95. This is sheer exploitation and opportunism on behalf of Ocado. Ocado say the charges are necessary because of increased demand requiring more staff &vehicles. Maybe, but they are selling more groceries and luxuries, thus increasing their profit which should cover the additional costs. So much for the spirit of goodwill.

    Response from Ocado

    Sorry to hear that you feel this way.

    Yes, our staff and vans are busier (deliveries are twice as heavy,
    meaning we need more vans (and more fuel) to make deliveries) so we
    need to cover the extra resource.

    We will, genuinely, pass on your comments to the delivery team here
    but, generally, our customers are accepting that this is a unique time
    of year – that a slightly higher charge versus a chaotic trip to the
    supermarket just before Christmas is perfectly reasonable.

  16. Milton Keynes Customer on November 29, 2011

    £20 voucher to entice us back. Didn’t need anything, but thought would try it. Booked slot 6.30-7.30 Fri as had family evening out planned. Received txt at 4.30 saying running late. Driver called at 8.45 to say he was lost. Family evening out now cancelled. Kids went to bed. Just as we going to bed, doorbell rings at 10.35pm! Guess who? Kids woken. Driver told to do others and leave us to last! In fairness (Cus Svc Director) did investigate personally. £29.99 refund given.

    Response from Ocado
    Milton Keynes Customer,

    Sorry to hear about your experience but glad that Mark personally
    intervened. We really do try and give us much attention to customer
    concerns as possible.

    Not sure what level of dialogue you have with us at present – can we
    further assist with any future deliveries you might try?

    Want to help – please email mentioning Mark and this


  17. Thickfurred on November 27, 2011

    I have used Ocado for my shopping for about 4 years now and have liked the service up until now. I have ordered my groceries from them for thee consecutive weeks now, and in all three instances there have been delivery issues. One order arrived at 20 past midnight, more than two hours after my alloted delivery slot. The other two orders never arrived at all! then to rub salt into the wound, The voucher they sent as an apology went to waste as I applied it to an order that then didn’t show up.

    Response from Ocado

    This is poor service, we agree.

    You obviously know how good we usually are – we pride ourselves on a
    high level of service so please talk to us so we can make sure you
    keep getting it.

    You should be getting better updates; as mentioned elsewhere, our new
    order tracker service should help here as things move forward. We’ll
    have more on this soon.

  18. Jhughes on November 18, 2011

    Been using ocado for 3 months. Food quality good. Driver and customer service rep polite BUT delivery service poor. Every other week order is delayed or item not available… on earth can they run out of potatoes!! Disappointing – I will be moving my business elsewhere

    Response from Ocado

    Sorry to hear you’re going elsewhere.

    If you’re still on here, please do let us try and help, and show you
    what we can do – (mention this forum).

    The politeness of drivers and food quality are nothing without
    punctuality – we can investigate with a view to helping prevent in


  19. pixelpeeper on November 15, 2011

    I used to be Ocado’s biggest fan, but lately I have frequently had to claim for smashed/leaking items, not getting advised of substitutions in advance, and I am sick of it. What happened to Ocado!? They just called me to question me on why my refund total was so high…possibly because of all the smashed glass and tomato sauce all over my goods (and carpet). To be fair they apologise and refund, but actually I’d just like undamaged goods to begin with especially since I then have to replace them

    Response from Ocado

    Glad to hear your various issues have been resolved.

    But can you email ref: Mary Portas Secret Shopper and
    we’ll have someone look at the overall picture of your deliveries and
    see if anything more ‘general’ can be done to make things better.

    Please email us. Thanks for the feedback.

  20. I’ve ordered a couple of Ocado deliveries as a surprise for my gran. Both times the whole order arrived and was delivered on time as promised. She was absolutely delighted with the friendly helpful drivers who brought the groceries into the kitchen and even offered to help her put them away.

    Response from Ocado

    Glad your gran had such a happy surprise!

    Glad to hear about the friendly drivers, punctuality and ‘kitchen
    table’ delivery.

    Do, however, let us know if you gran suggests anything else we can add
    to the service.



  21. Busymum on November 10, 2011

    I have been shopping with Ocado since they started their service. It was a brilliant quality service but now is a shadow of its former self. Goods are packed so badly-items crushed/squashed every week for the last few months. Deliveries running hours late. Customer services are so busy dealing with complaints you can’t get through! I have paid for my delivery pass for the year and I am hoping things will improve. Wishing the old Ocado service would return. Items are getting closer to expiry date

  22. I have been shopping with Ocado for years and years and spend thousands with them – all my family shopping is done this way. In the last 6 months they have completely fallen apart. Every 2nd or 3rd delivery is late – or like today, non-existent – there are many more missing items, the drivers are not as friendly, the packing is not as good and customer services has become a joke. It’s such a shame to see an organisation that used to be so far out in front slip backwards like this.

    Response from Ocado

    It’s not great to read your comments. Can you get in touch so we
    gather more specific feedback? ref: Secret Shopper.

    We’d like to get you back on track – I can, as mentioned below,
    highlight things like the new Which? survey which has us as number one
    service, but that doesn’t sort yours and your family’s concerns. So
    please do get in touch so we can look to help.

    Many thanks.

  23. I live in South West London and I find the delivery drivers very nice and polite which I find very rare. However the past 2 times I have used Ocado the shelf life of the products have been extremely short, I realise that they state on the reciept a date when to use products by but there is no way I can use the food in the lengh on time that the dates have on them. For example, I had 2 days to consume 6 bananas, and one day to use a bunch of salad onions. Very poor, I will not be using again

    Response from Ocado

    It sounds like you were using us for some time, so hopefully you can
    acknowledge how consistent our food freshness (supported by our
    website guarantees and unique receipts) usually is.

    We’re concerned about your last two deliveries – please get in touch,
    if you can, and we’ll track the specific items, and their route to our
    Fulfilment Centre; and better understand what has happened.

    We’d like to reassure you about our standards of freshness and food

  24. james on November 7, 2011

    First order:
    Items stank of smoke, something sticky in all bags. Items missing.

    Second order:
    Bag split, eggs cracked (but refunded), driver arrived 20 mins before time-slot (I luckily made it home in time!)

    Third order:
    Driver late, eggs cracked (again!), bag split, freezer items completely missing.

    Complete rubbish.

    Response from Ocado

    Really sorry to read about these three deliveries.

    If you’re still prepared to engage with us – please email (mentioning this site) and will take a look at why you
    kept having problems like cracked eggs.

    Keen to rectify.

  25. A month ago, I would have given a 5 star rating. All in all great service, rare substitutions, helpful, polite (and happy) drivers, great food quality delivered within time slot. BUT. For the past three consecutive weeks, delilveries up to 2 hrs late. 2 of those days I rescheduled my day. Today, I recieved a phone call 10 minutes before the end of my slot. It will be 1 1/2 hours late. I couldn’t be in, so I was asked to re arrange delivery. 15 in the queue and 2 children to take to school…

    Response from Ocado

    Not good.

    Please email ref: Mary Portas and we’ll look at these
    recent deliveries and what went wrong.

    You may have seen below, new services like our Order Tracker should
    help to give you even greater control of your Ocado experience too.
    We’ll keep you posted through our regular comms in terms of when you
    can start using them.

    Please DO get in touch.

  26. lolaborro on November 4, 2011

    I’ve been using Ocado twice weekly over the past year and I’m not sure where all the negative ratings are coming from because I’ve never had any problems with Ocado. I think that they’ve only been late once and it was because the driver had an accident. Substituons are rare and when do it they are pretty good and whilst expensive, they have plenty of offers available so it doesn’t get that expensive in the end. Quality of meat and vegetables is always excellent.

    Response from Ocado

    Thanks for the comments.

    Pleased to hear you rate the deliveries, our offers (which we continue
    to increase) and the food quality.

    Several projects are under way which should help further enhance the
    service you love for 2012 as well.

    Keep the feedback coming….

  27. Grumbles on November 3, 2011

    Back again-After submitting my review regarding “cancelled order”, I read the other reviews and I am absolutley astounded, most seem to be about late/cancelled deliveries, squashed produce and short shelf life, yes Ocado seems to acknowledge these complaints but by the continuation of them Ocado obviously isn’t taking heed Oh dear and I WAS such a Ocado fan misplaced loyalties no more Tecos here I come at least I’ll get club points!

    Response from Ocado

    We make many deliveries each week and the vast, vast majority are on
    time and without fault. We have, in fact, recently topped Which?
    magazine’s latest online grocery poll.

    However, we continue to work hard on all aspects of our service, in
    all areas of our delivery geography. We are well aware there are
    different issues from time to time – we are keen to listen and
    eradicate them for those affected customers.

    We are, I promise, taking heed.

  28. Grumbles on November 3, 2011

    Oh dear Ocado you are slipping and quickly. By sheer chance I looked at my emails this afternoon 3pm only to find one from Ocado sent 1.54pm stating order due for delivery that evening cancelled offering a £25 voucher. I’m gob smacked that they didn’t call me they have all my phone numbers. If hadn’t checked emails wouldn’t have known and wouldn’t have had the chance to re book for tomorrow even though I won’t be here to take delivery and had to arrange for someone to do so. Poor Services!

  29. disenchanted on November 2, 2011

    customer of Ocado for years. has been a good experience & service until this year. not sure what they have changed but its not working. Recently my SECOND order cancelled for no reason.due between 22.30-23.30.. i got a call at 23.50 (20 minutes AFTER delivery was due) to let me know wasn’t coming. I tried to rearrange delivery for first thing next morning, was told to call customer service.called them, but they were closed! its obvious from all the posts here something is very wrong at ocado

    Response from Ocado

    Sorry to hear your concerns about recent deliveries – our recent
    company updates show that standards of delivery remain extremely high.
    But that is NOT to excuse your experiences.

    You obviously know what Ocado deliveries are usually like – so please
    get in touch ( ref: Mary Portas) so we can look at your
    recent problems.

    You be better informed when there is disruption – we are testing an
    innovative new order tracking tool which should help here.

  30. disenchanted on November 2, 2011

    SW4, london

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Ocado, 3.1 out of 5 based on 347 ratings